What is Winter by PK

Last week PK finished up their work on Winter. For IT we created short ChatterPix Kids videos on what winter meant for them. Then they downloaded their videos from Drive, inserted them into Book Creator and added their names. 

I then combined their books into one and exported it as a movie. Here is their final piece!

Kids Ideas for using ChatterPix and Padlet

The grade two students at my last school had been doing a unit on exploration. As part of this unit I have had them explore two apps that will be used to help them in both their summative assessment and their celebration of learning. After we explored the apps I asked each class to tell me ways that they though that the apps could be used in a different way. 

Here is what they came up with!

ChatterPix Kids:

  • to explain the times tables
  • to tell what something does (ex: a ruler)
  • to tell what you have learned
  • to teach someone something 


  • as a place to take notes while researching
  • as a collaborative note taking workspace
  • as a way to make a timeline
  • like Pocket