ePortfolio – Options 4 Google Drive

Again this would work for grade three – five.

Postives for using Google Drive:

  • teachers can view and give feedback instantly
  • single subject as well as classroom teachers could contribute 
  • teacher contributions able to be made directly to site
  • is live
  • videos, audio, text, drawings, any file time can be uploaded 
  • unlimited space
  • printable (for some items)
  • viewing and creating can happen on iPad
  • viewing and creating can happen on computers
  • students from grade three can be independent
  • customizable
  • can be private
  • can be shared with parents 
  • a “table of contents” like page could be created with links to items in folders

Negatives or Things to Consider:

  • only some items would be printable
  • could get messy if not managed
  • lots of different places to go and click