Slam Session – Google Maps


Students can now make their own maps in My Maps with Google. These maps are saved into their Drive accounts directly. I am building maps with Grade 3 this unit and it is proving very easy and fun to use. The students in grade three are studying migration and they have collected the city and countries that they and their parents have lived in. They are working on maping these in three different layers and colours so that it can be printed out to show all of the places that their families have migrated in their lives.

If you need a longer discription watch this video. 




GAFE Sharing Options

Inspired by an image made by Sylvia Duckworth I decided to create a sketchnote/visual represenation of what all of the sharing permissions and accesses meant in the GAFEs (Google Apps for Education).

This is my second attempt at a sketchnote sort of resource, but after seeing Sylvia’s one on YouTube permissions I thought, wow an image might be easier for people to understand when they are sharing and setting privilages.

So I decided to try my sketchnoting skills out again. The things that I have discovered from this attempt, are that I need different coloured writing tools and better paper for when I do a final! Shopping is in my future!

I hope that this visual helps you understand what all of the permissions and access settings are and how they all work.