The Simple Things

Today in grade one, I continued a project that we have been working on for a few weeks to document reflection during a unit. The students have been writing sentences to reflect each week during their unit on “Making balanced choices helps to develop a healthy lifestyle.” 

Each week they have written sentences for their book with their partner. Today we worked on taking pictures to go with our sentences. We discussed what we might take pictures of, we thought about where we might get images for things that we couldn’t create/act out and we reviewed how to take good, clear pictures. Then the students reviewed their sentences.

Throughout this book the teachers and I had been helping the students, by writing out their sentences so that the students could copy them into the book. This helped us hear their sentences and help them develop them into full sentences instead of phrases. 

Because we had been doing this I thought that it would be a good idea to keep the paper and pencil going. This simple act of planning out what pictures each group wanted to take made all of the difference. After they reviewed their sentences they came to us and we asked them what they wanted a picture of. We wrote their ideas for them and then sent them off to collect their pictures. 

This list allowed them to stay on task and work quickly to get their pictures taken. Both of the teachers make statements about how well they worked. How the came up with some creative ideas on how to find items to take picture of or how to create the picture that they wanted. 

Over all I think that the little act of helping them plan their photos allowed them to work more efficiently and productivly.