Knowledge Bank II

So I finally finished enough of my resource website to feel that I can publish it. It is of course a work in progress and I hope that it grows to be a much larger resource. I managed to get enough of the pages started.  I am still working on getting the translations made so that I can have each page translated.  I also need to get more recordings made.

My Geeks have been helping me with that and they have created a huge list of videos that we need to create and add.  I have started training them on how to create the videos as you will see if you check out the Book Creator or Notability page!  I was even online with one of my geeks and he helped me decide on the theme colours as well as recruiting his mother to translate!

I hope that this is a success and is at least helpful for a few students, that will make it worth it. 

Knowledge Bank

Earlier last month I attended a meeting with Jim Gamble (@JimGamble_INEQE).  He presented a resources that his company was creating to help educated teachers, police and others about internet safety. Seeing just a bit of this resource got me thinking about making something similar to help with my teaching. Following that meeting I learned how easy it is to create a screen recording using QuickTime, thanks to your new IT guy at school.  All of this snowballed into me creating a website.

On the website there will be a page that shows a screen recording what is being discussed.  Along side that is an audio recording of the directions and text stating the directions.  As the image below shows.

Along with this there will be a pages translated into several languages, currently: Spanish, French, Russian, Italian, Dutch and Portuguese.  These translated pages will have the audio and the text translated.

My aim with this site. Is to create a place where students, teachers or parents can go and watch a video to show them how to remember how to do something that was introduced in class.  I often find that the majority of students say that they understand what I have taught in class only to go home and forget how to do it.  This resource will be sent to their iPads so that they can then go to this site and watch the video to remind them of what they should be doing.

I am hoping that this allows teachers, students and parents to have a place where they feel comfortable visiting to find the answers to questions they may have.