iBook Author a Few Months On

Since learning how to use iBook Author in October, I have been working on converting some documents that the lower school uses to eBook format.  I have created a completely new book about Book Creator for staff, but I am thinking of sharing it with students and parents.

I am currently working on coverting our Lower School Teacher Handbook into an eBook.  With the exception of having to find loads of pictures to fill the white space, it has been pretty much a cut and paste activity.

One of the good things about it all is that with an eBook you can create hyperlinks to web addresses.  This means that I can link directly to documents that we use regularly.  Which also means those docs need to be in our shared google account.  So this is a great excuse for me to put the documents there and for teachers to begin to use Drive more!

I can see loads of possibilities for ways to use eBooks within the school.  One of the other books that I am working on is a Who We Are Handbook for grade five to use during their last unit.  I am hoping that this will help them move to a more paperless class environment in the future. 

I am also going to meet with our marketing department soon to teach them how to use iBook Author so that they can look at ways to convert documents that they frequently use. 

The more I work with this application the more uses I can see, and the more I understand its limitations.