Puppet Pals

I taught grade four how to use Puppet Pals today. After a bit of an explore with adding characters and backgrounds, I asked them to tell me ideas that they had for ways to use Puppet Pals in the class other than for story telling.  These are some of their ideas.

  • Use it as a planner for a drama.  Before you act out a drama, make it on Puppet Pals so that everyone can see what they are suppose to do.
  • Use it as a presentation tool.  Create backgrounds that work like slides.
  • Use it to explain something like a diagram.  Have a picture of the diagram as the back ground and have a character point out the different things in the diagram.
  • Use it to record our Monday Message (weekly lower school news cast).  Thanks Cerys!!
  • Have a “scientist” explain something to you.  The scientist is the puppet and the background is what they are explaining.
  • Use it to explain a math problems.
  • Use it to show someone who was absent how to do something that they missed.

I am always amazed at the variety of answers that the students come up with when we don’t prompt them.  They came up with so many more than I would have if I had sat down and tried to think about ideas.  Thank you grade four!