Kids Ideas for using ChatterPix and Padlet

The grade two students at my last school had been doing a unit on exploration. As part of this unit I have had them explore two apps that will be used to help them in both their summative assessment and their celebration of learning. After we explored the apps I asked each class to tell me ways that they though that the apps could be used in a different way. 

Here is what they came up with!

ChatterPix Kids:

  • to explain the times tables
  • to tell what something does (ex: a ruler)
  • to tell what you have learned
  • to teach someone something 


  • as a place to take notes while researching
  • as a collaborative note taking workspace
  • as a way to make a timeline
  • like Pocket

Padlet Ideas for the Classroom

I have just read a blog post by John Jones about ways to use Padlet in a math setting. This one post got the ideas flowing for me so I wanted to expland on what he suggested. I love is idea of taking a screenshot of something from the iPad and uploading it directly to the Padlet. This could be used for so many things.  

We are using Big Writing in our school and one of the things that the students are always on the look out for are WOW words. This would be a great way to “keep” them. You could have a Padlet that acted as your Word Wall. Keeping the Wow words that you find while reading and writing. The students could refer to it whenever they wanted. QR codes could be placed in strategic places, like the front cover of their writing notebook. This would make easy reference a snap. The students who use it regularly could also add it to the home screen of their iPads.

After a keynote speech from Sugata Mitra many of our upper primary teachers began having iTime or iInquiries in their classrooms. Many times these are short inquiries into something that the student is interested in but not connected to their current units of study. Because of this many times the presenting of their findings takes the longest time. Using a Padlet is a great way to allow students to share their findings to their class.

You could use Padlet as a way to collect “exit cards” from all of the students in your class.

In math class you could create “multiplication walls” where you post images of different ways to mulitply by a number. For example multiplying by 5. Then the students could take pictures of different ways to show multplication by 5 and post it on the wall. These would make great resources for homework. 

Speaking of homework, wouldn’t this be a great way to hand in written homework instead of notebooks! In grade five they do a lot of writing in a homework notebook, this could be a good way to students to hand in their work and a teacher have one place to check it and nothing to carry home for grading!

Reflection journals, each student could have a padlet where they reflect on lessons for the day. It is share with only the teacher so that it is private, but videos, images and text can be uploaded to make the reflections more interactive. 

Oh the possibilities are endless!