Friendship Books by: PK

The PK students had been studying how to be good friends and learning the language associated with friendship. Towards the end of their unit they created a book using the pictures that they had taken showing friendships. 

In previous lessons to remind them of how to take good pictures, they learned about what makes a good picture and how to hold the iPad. Then they were asked in small groups, to take a picture to show friendship happening in different parts of their room. 

This book is a result of follow up lessons to that where they learned to insert an imagine into their book. They they sat with me in their small group and recorded sentences about how the picture showed friendship. They created several pages and recordings each to show different ways that friendship is shown in their room. 

Then we exported our books as movies so that we could share them with our parents.


What is Winter by PK

Last week PK finished up their work on Winter. For IT we created short ChatterPix Kids videos on what winter meant for them. Then they downloaded their videos from Drive, inserted them into Book Creator and added their names. 

I then combined their books into one and exported it as a movie. Here is their final piece!

Puppet Pals in PK

I had an amazing lesson last week with Pre-K.  They are learning how to use Puppet Pals.  They have been studying a unit on stories and story telling, so we have been teaching them how to use Puppet Pals.  

Today I taught them how to add their own backdrop.  They picked it up in no time flat!  They have already learned how to add puppets both from the given list and making their own, move them and record. 

This week I showed them how to add their own backdrop.  They took a picture of the slide on the playground, then they recorded a character giving a rule for how to use the slide.  They were done with this so quickly that we had time for a discussion afterward.  

We talked about all of the things that we knew about how to use Puppet Pals.  Even though we have been learning these skills for the last three weeks, they could all tell me what they knew how to do.  It was amazing to sit with them while they thought of something that had not been said.  They are a great group of students who seem, despite their age, to be able to build on their learning very effectively. 

When I asked them what we could do next week they said that they are building a fairy castle garden.  They then decided that they could take pictures of their garden as the back drop and they could make costume prop items for themselves this week.  Then next week they can dress up and take pictures of themselves as the characters to put into their garden.  I am very excited to see what they produce!