Slam Session: Sessions Buddy

Sessions Buddy is a great Chrome extension that allows you to save a set of webpages so that they can be opened at a later date. 

For me this is helpful around MAP testing time. There are always four tabs that I have open during the MAP testing. Sessions buddy allows me to save those four tabs as a “session” and then open them all at once with two or three clicks. 

I also use this for my four pinned tabs. I have four tabs that are open all of the time, which I have pinned, but if I close Chrome incorrectly, they won’t pop back up. With Sessions Buddy I am able to quickly reopen the session with those four tabs any time. 

Slam Session: Google Feedback Button

I have it on good authority from Google employees that the feedback button on the Google Apps is actually used to collect information which leads to the further development of an app. I have also had personal experience of Google customer service contacting me after I have submitted feedback to follow up on the information that I gave and help resolve it. 

Here is a quick video on how to give feedback in the Google apps.