I had another awesomely cool Geek Squad lesson today.  First I had my “geeks” feed back on the four coding apps that I had asked them to test. They had looked at Daisy Dinosaur, Hopscotch, Cargo Bot and Cody Academy.  I asked them to test it and let me know what they thought about it.  I also asked them to tell me what grades they thought the apps could be used in.

After they gave a bit of feedback about what they thought of the apps, with one student showing how he programmed hopscotch to write something, we discussed the apps.  I was very impressed by their impressions and thoughts on who the apps would be good for.  These are 9-11 year olds.  They gave me wonderful and thoughtful reasons for why the apps should be used in specific grades or in specific ways.  They listened to each other and countered each others points with ease.

I then brought out my new Sphero ball! http://www.gosphero.com/. I had let two of the Geeks come in during lunch to make up a lesson they had missed because they were on a field trip. They immediately got everyone excited about the ball telling them a few of the things that they discovered when they were playing with it. I sat back and watched as I only have one ball and one iPad running it.
They were fascinated and excited about trying to get it to work.  They got the ramps out and were trying to figure out how to get it over the ramps. They were taking turns holding it and making it do it’s crazy jump around thing.  While that was happening other students were coding on hopscotch, one student helping with my Knowledge Bank resource. One student was googling websites that sell the Sphero balls, he was trying to find the cheapest one.  He even created a shared google doc to give it to the other geeks.  He then went on to a poster making website and created the poster below!

They were all so very excited it was great to see.  They weren’t even worried about the fact that there were 11 geeks and one Sphero.  They kept asking where I got it and saying “I’m gonna ask for one for Christmas.”  I did tell them that when they went home and demanded their parents buy them one, they were to immediately follow that by saying, “Ms. Hart said she’s sorry.”

They were buzzing so much when they left I wouldn’t be surprised if I don’t get a lot of parents emailing me for more information!  I have even had two send me messages on Edmodo and say that they had just about talked their parents into buying them one!